FAQs and How our process works

These are opt-in Leads and not those Junk leads that are sold else where, these Leads are generated through our 3500+ websites and network. These are Consumer and Business Leads, Opt-in customers looking for your product and services and you can use this Leads as you like it.

This is one time investment for your Business, convert this hot leads to Sale by using this Leads in following ways:


Mailing Marketing: Send Postcards, Mail your Offer, Product and Services with Opt in Mailing lists.


Email Marketing: Send Marketing Emails using opt-in Email list with your Product and Services, Offers, Newsletter.


Voice Marketing: Call your Potential Clients and Offer them Products and Services with Double opt-in Leads.

 These are some of the ways you can use our Leads for growing your Business, for a limited time we have special offers check them out, with just few Sales you can recover your full investment in this Leads and it is yours to keep and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the meaning of Double Opt-In?

This means that to be on our list the responder would be required to:
1. Complete an online form
2. Click on a link inside and email we sent them.

2. How old are these leads?

These leads are all between one month and 6 months. As we all know - most people do not regularly change their email address so the leads are good for a long time to come. All the leads are genuine and not junk leads that you get elsewhere.


We have new Leads/ Lists which were updated in July 2011, some of the Leads are not available online but you can contact us and we can deliver it to you.


3. I don't see the category of Leads that I am looking for, can you Provide other category or specific category Leads?


Yes, we work with Major Leads Aggregator and wholesaler who buys Leads from us and we buy from them. If you are looking for a specific category or specific type of Leads / Lists please contact us.


We provide ongoing PayDay Loans Leads, Credit Card, New Home Owners, New Business List which are from 1 day to 6 month old.


4. Do I need to get Leads Scrubbed against Do Not Call Registry?

If you are going to be calling consumers then yes you will need to Scrub the list against FTC Do not call List. We do not take any undertaking on this.


5. Where can I get my Leads Scrubbed?

You can contact for all your Data Scrubbing, Data Cleansing, Data Hygiene for US, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries.


Other Services:

Phone Append, Phone Validation, Phone Verification, Phone Lookup, Address Validation, Company Lookup, Reverse Lookup, Email Append, Parent Company Lookup, Demographics Information, Competitors Information all kinds of Data validation, Data Hygiene and scrubbing services.


6. Do you know any hosted dialer solutions for Voice Broadcasting?


You can contact for all your Hosted Scalable Broadcasting solutions, with their scalable, hosted, latest technology built solutions you can dial anypart of the world. Dial upto 50000 calls within an hour.


7. What are your Payment Options and Delivery?

We accept payments through Bank wire, PayPal, Google Checkout, Check by Fax

For International clients and non-verified PayPal or Google Checkout buyers,  please send your request for other Payment options and we will reply through an email.


All orders are processed after receiving payment.

*Please note that due to high fraudulent orders, we DO NOT give instant download. 


Once we confirm your payment with verification of payee you will get email / ftp details to download the leads / list within 24-48 hours if you did not receive a response please call us immediately.

We take Fraud very seriously and we have a Legal department which will go after charge-back transactions.


8. What are your Refund Policy?

No refunds will be issued.



Even if there's one set of leads you do not like and because the individual lead data changes by the hour, we cannot promise and specific amount of deliverability or accuracy of data on any lists, (if you need that, you are welcome to pay 10 times the price), that will not qualify for a refund, as you already have extreme value for your investment. If you are not too embarrassed to ask for a refund for an offer like this, then we're not embarrassed to tell you up front that no refunds will be issued.


Sorry folks for being so blunt, but there are always 1 or 2 people who will download everything, then ask for a refund. This is only directed to that person. Of course, I know that this is not who you are - Once you pay, you own it - no refunds!

9. Any Verification of Business?

We are Incorporated in State of Delaware and doing Business in NY. We are also Paypal, Google Verified Business.


10. Where are you based?

Yes we are based in NY, USA. Incorporated in State of Delaware, USA.


11. I am ready to buy Where to send Payment?

Send a detail message, IM or Call us with List / Leads you are interested to buy and payment method once we confirm your message we will send you Payment details


12. Who are your customers?

We have customers from all over the world and with our 100% customer satisfaction we have regular buyers who buy from us every month after month.


13. Need Immediate Assistance?

Please call us at (203)312-7832 or click2call between 9:00 Am to 9:00 Pm EST


Skype: GotLeads

Gtalk: (Only for IM and talk)

Yahoo: (Only for IM and talk)


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